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Green Owl Design, interior design

Elly Puglisi

lead designer | meditative merchandiser

Vander Kolk is continuously inspired by the opportunity design presents to explore. Her drive steams from her curious spirit and love of expressivity. “I’ve always wanted to be a contributor, a creator, to share something beautiful and continue the exchange of inspiration.” With a background in Visual Merchandising, Vander Kolk is keenly aware of the adaptive nature of our environment. “Life is not static and neither are our spaces; at the start of each project, we have the opportunity to deepen our understanding of our surroundings, to accentuate what is loved and invite new innovation.” A student of the many design philosophies, wisdoms, and styles, Vander Kolk is committed to a life of learning and excellence. Through her service, she wishes to foster connectedness and greater peace of mind.


Vander Kolk studied at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI earning her BS in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing. After, she completed the Architecture and Interior Design program at Anne Arundel Community College and plans to continue her graduate studies in areas of sustainability.